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Rendering an exceptional customer experience in today's business world

Exceptional customer experience is always a result of a set of activities which are performed by the organization. When we consider that organization is responsible for the same, it implies that internally all the units of the organization are responsible. This is achieved by multiple entities of the organization, where each one has to follow the same path and be in sync with customer’s need. By and large few key areas where each organization has to be keen on knowing/doing the same.

  • It is truly understood that every organization has the domain knowledge of the product or service they are selling to. To provide excellent customer service, what is needed is to know the in an out of any product/service. They not only need to know the internals of the product, but also, they need to they need to know the architecture of the same. Most often it is found that without knowing the same, companies fail to sell the same. It is because of the reasons that the core members of the organization are not aware how the same can be beneficial to any customer, which might not be the direct usage of the product/service. A typical example here can be ERP solutions. However, we be it today’s ERP, or as simple as any application like Google Analytic, the organization must always be in a position to articulate the answers of the customers related to a product.

  • Always showing a friendly attitude towards customers always helps in stepping up the service quality. As we have moved from the era of typical B2B/B2C Model to H2H (Human to Human) Model, all that is needed is to show behavioral gratitude during interaction. For example a smile on a face while interacting with customer center always place company in a better position irrespective of quality of service. All that is needed is to master the art of providing an exceptional behavior towards customers.

  • In the above context saying “Thank You” once the transaction is done with a customer is always an example of showing better customer service. All that the organization needs to learn changing the habit and mastering the art.

  • Organization should train the employees how to deal with customers, they should be able to fine tune with customer based on the response they receive from them. In this context, all that is needed is to equip the customer service representative or the client engagement manager in line with the mood of the client. To achieve the same, we have seen companies like IBM, Wipro have implemented dedicated training session for employees.

  • Since in all types of interaction with customers, emotional involvement is needed, it is extremely important to be courteous and show proper respect to the customers.

  • One of the most important secret to business is to listen from customers. At the end of the day, the brand, the image and the reputation of the company is owned by customers. They are no longer and external entity. Organization must learn and implement best practices to hear from them even when they are dissatisfied from any product or service. And it is in the intere

  • In today’s business world, it is to be taken care that customers are not awaited. Whenever there is a query raised by customer via customer service center or via email, this has to be responded properly and with utmost priority. There are instances where because of the ignorance, customer attrition are observed. In the worst case, also when there is no proper response available to the company, they should at least send some message by properly communicating the customer request ID along with the expected time of delivery of service or how long it would take to resolve some issue.

  • It is always a must and should be an ongoing process in an organization, to seek the feedback in connection with the product/service. A well-known process in this regard is to ask customer the feedback form, surveys and question ware once they uses the same. Also, companies can get a basic feedback while completing the order.

  • Using the feedback effectively is most important in today’s business. How organization can review the feedback on regular basis and implement the same and make necessary changes in connection with the service or product they are providing to customers is the key to success.

  • It is always seen that customer service is driven by values which customers get from the provider. It is not only about the quality of the product or service, but also, at the end of the day making the life of the customer easy, is what needed. We can never ignore the fact that making the purchase process, order, delivery of service or product is utmost important.

    Also, based on the researches and historical data it is always found that customer retention is much easier than customer acquisition, be it todays high-end technology product or any fast moving consumer good, it is always easy to sell something to existing customers. Thus making them loyal is what needed and in order to make customer loyal, a consistent focus on providing great experience to them so that they can become loyal and purchase repeatedly.

    There are organizations which are not only capable of attracting customers repeatedly, but also, they have induced the customers in such a way, with the help of their existing product or services, that it has taken a top position in the mind of the customers. They often recommend other friends, family members, relatives or colleagues and known circle that they company need not spend anything extra to add a new customer to the customer base. This is often seen now a days via viral marketing or shares in today’s Social Media.

    Thus providing an exceptional customer experience for all segments of customers, is something companies should focus on. How they can make the product or services more adaptable, customizable based on each one’s need, should be an area where they need to focus on. We have seen companies like Apple, who was not at all focused on making profit, rather they were focused on “Value Creation” followed by “Value Delivery”. If companies can learn the same and implement it widely, it will not only make customers happy, but also, moving forward companies can garner a lot of revenues when they try to expand their existing product portfolio or want to expand market. The feedback received and experience gained from one geography is highly relevant in today’s world where everyone is connected via Internet and other communication media. In a nutshell, companies should focus on empowering the employees, train them so that in today’s challenging world they can learn the best tools and techniques and make a relevant use of the same. It is crucial to focus on existing customer (New customer acquisition cost is five times higher than keeping an existing customer happy), so that they are never annoyed or disappointed with the service or product. In case, there is a gap from companies, they need to learn how to apologize and be transparent to customers. An example in this regard can be cited from FlipKart, who’s CEO openly sought apology when they could not meet the customer demand, of late.

    Summarily, below are the few factors which companies should continuously perform in order to render exceptional customer experience:

  • Create a unique customer experience so that they know it is a “WOW” product or service

  • Measure customer satisfaction and continuously engage with them

  • Master customer base and differentiate the Brand/Product from competition by positioning

  • Build an integrated customer oriented communication mechanism so that their issues are addressed and attended quickly

  • Keep an integrated and close relationships with supplier, so that customer delivery is not affected