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From Sketch to Prototype

If you have any app ideas you have been meaning to work on, perhaps these thoughts on sketching would be useful.

Sketching is a great way to start app designs because it allows to imagine the flow between screens, without focusing too much on the design of each one individually.

Many Designers love doing UI design sketches on a dot grid notebook. Because absolute favourite one is the Dot Grid Journal from Creative's Outfitter. It looks great, has a nice rubbery feel, stays open flat, has a delightfully subtle dot grid, and too lucrative.

Similarly, you can open your notebook, grab your coloured pencil and Pilot Fineliner and get ready to sketch.

Sketchy Goals:

When you sketch, please resist the urge to get caught up in details! Just try to answer these questions with your sketches:

  • What screens need to exist

  • What elements will go on each of those screens

  • How will these screens connect together?

  • Allow yourself to cross things out and make things ugly. You can continually redraw your screens as you figure things out. Once things are shaping up, draw them once more, a little cleaner before moving into the digital realm!

    Digitizing Sketches:

    Why to bother getting your sketches onto your computer? So you can put them into any designing tool! Needless to say, if designs are neat enough, scan them or take a snap and put directly into your power point presentation.

    Nothing can be cooler than going from sketches to a prototype installed on your phone in a matter of minutes.

    We have found photographing these sketches with smartphones, then syncing them to computer with Photostream to be the fastest way to get the sketches on the computer. Open Photos, and drag the sketch photos into PPTs. Change the screen sizes and fit it to the screen, it does not have to be perfect.

    Update Prototype As You Go:

    Once you move into the visual design of the app, you can update your sketchy prototype with the high fidelity screens. Just drag new ones and replace them while keeping old ones as backup.

    Those who love using common industry software, just make a replica of your hand drawn sketches and repeat.

    That is what works for us cooly and smartly!